Why Algorythmix

Fundamental and applied research empowered custom Blockchain products for your Enterprise

We provide high performance blockchain applications suited to your business needs. We understand that not one size fits all and every business has unique requirements and goals.

Our products align with your strategic goals. We strive to enable your business to perform efficiently and optimally while achieving the transformation you are aiming for.

We are the one stop solution for all your blockchain needs, from gap assessment to successful product implementation

Products / Services

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Supply Sense

Trace and secure your supply chain
  • Meats and seafood
  • Agriculture and Luxury goods
  • High-value collectibles
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Document sharing over blockchain
  • Know Your Customer / Business
  • Credit rating
  • Loyalty rewards

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Blockchain Consulting

We can help with
  • Tech evaluation and scope definition
  • Development and deployment



We work with you to discover and evaluate new use cases for your business. At this stage we identify if the use case is a real candidate for blockchain or there are alternate technology options.


  • User information and specification
  • Stakeholder goal priorities
  • High level project structure
  • Teach feasibility report

Whether it is a proof of concept for a use case of a production ready use case, we will work with you to understand the extent of work needed for all things related to tech required for the use case.


  • Project objectives
  • Goals and Sub-phases
  • Task and Resources
  • Budget and Schedule

We do end to end development for the use case, this includes, smart contracts, APIs, user interface (front end) and the server side scripts for blockchain network deployment. We use hyper ledger fabric for its robust architecture and maturity and support of the hyperledger project


  • Design document
  • Architecture and software specification document
  • Schema and access control specification
  • Application

The blockchain deployment process consists of blockchain network deployment, smart contract installation and instantiation and application deployment, we ensure that the deployment process is seamless and make it simple for our clients to do the deployment via automated scripts


  • Tech infrastructure specification
  • Deployment and troubleshooting document

Once the blockchain network and application is deployed, it may need routine check and tweaks to keep delivering as expected, we provide tech support for all the use cases delivered by us, it includes the tech support for blockchain network and the application along with user interface.


  • Scope of work
  • Operational and responsibility specification
  • Turn around time and estimated resolution time

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Our Awards And Recognitions

Featured in report for Blockchain
Runner up for invoice discounting use case
Tech partner for shrimp pilot in AP
MEDICI top 21 Blockchain Awards
Microsoft partner announcement
Featured by NASDAQ
Featured in report for Blockchain
Press release for Citi award
Most Transformative Use of Blockchain award